"Endless love towards art is the portal to the truth..."


Ararat is an artist based in Armenia, from the small town of Vanadzor.  His experimental, abstract, expressionist style symbolizes his feelings and thoughts that deserve to be communicated with his audience.

Surrounded by mountains and shades of green he creates art in his studio tucked away between trees and a moment between the past and future. As a Vanadzor native, he knows that no matter where he goes in the future, he will always gravitate back to Vanadzor, because this is the origin of all that he is. Life in Vanadzor fuels his paintings with colors and soul. His colors evoke a story that are contained by the abstract shapes.

Ararat’s journey as a painter began at just 3 months old when a bearded stranger predicted that he would grow to become either a painter or a musician. At 3 years old, he was drawing with pencils on paper, and upon losing them, he would say that he needed to find his documents. Those documents have now manifested into his paintings.

He gives color to the canvas and then pauses for the music to soften his soul. He does not know the meaning of life but he needs no reason to pick up the brush and paint. A cat is his most trusted audience that comes at its own leisure to update itself on Ararat’s new works.

Ararat considers painting to be relative to dialogue. Every painting is a trip to the unknown.

“Paintings are a part of you, they are you: the mood that you are bringing to the studio, the reason you came. You can work on a painting for months and every day you enter the studio differently.”

In Studio


Ararat Aleksanyan was born on February 26, 1991 in Vanadzor, Republic of Armenia.
In 2003-2007 studied at the art school after Stepan Agadzhanyan.
In 2008-2012 studied the Faculty of Arts of the Vanadzor Pedagogical University.
In 2012-2014 he served in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia. After demobilization, he
continued to do his favorite thing in the field of art.

Solo exhibitions

2022   ’’ No goodbye’s for now’’ Museum. Carlos Abovyan , Vanadzor
2016     “Conversation with a shadow” outdoor exhibition, Vanadzor
2016      “Uninvited Dreams” multifunctional self-development center LOFT (Yerevan)

Participation in group exhibitions

2023    NYC Artexpo Manhattan – New York, United States

2023    SWISSARTEXPO 2023  Zurich, Switzerland

2022    Urbanside gallery, Switzerland

2022    Tana art space, Italy

2022     Casa del Arte in Palma de Mallorca – Palma de Mallorca, Spain

2022     Miami 3.0 / Art Basel Week / Miami – Miami, United States

2021     SWISS ART EXPO exhibition SBB Event hall, Switzerland

2019    ‘’Style” graphic arts museum , Gyumri

2017   ՛՛Բազմաշավիղ՛՛ Museum named after. Carlos Abovian, Vanadzor

2016   ՛՛Բազմաշավիղ՛՛ Museum  Carlos Abovian, Vanadzor

2016    International Plein Air “Colors of Minas”, Gyumri

2015    International Plein Air “ Colors of Minas”, Gyumri

2016    International Plein Air “Colors of Minas”, Gyumri